What is BarCamp Kampongcham 2013

BarCamp Kampongcham 2013 is the first edition of a 2-day international technology conference and exhibition that brings together computer enthusiasts, young IT professionals, social innovators, web & mobile developers, bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, social media professionals and university students to learn & share about new forms of social innovation based on technologies and tools that are bringing strong benefits to individuals and organizations.

BarCamp Kampongcham 2013, in Kampongcham, Cambodia, on the 24th and 25th Aug, fully adopts the BarCamp unconference concept. It follows from the first edition of the same event, held in Kampongcham in Aug 2013 at Chea Sim University of Kamchaymear branch Kampongcham with several hundred participants.

At BarCamp Kampongcham the participants decide their own agenda and what they want to hear about. The agenda is created on the basis of participants requests, and the speakers, also participants and part of the community, are happy to oblige by presenting the desired information, allowing all participants to network with them and extend the Cambodian technological community.

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