What is Debate?

Dara SaoyuthneaSpeaker: Saoyuthnea Dara
Topic: What is Debate?

Why Debate?
What is proposition side?
What is opposition side?
Debate formats
Karl Popper Debate Format
What is cross examination?
Confidence building
P.S The presentation will be made in English or Khmer bases on the majority of audience’s preference.

About Speaker : I am an undergraduate majoring in Media Management at the Department of Media and Communication. I am a Freelance Writer for LIFT Magazine, Phnom Penh Post. I am also doing internship at AsiaLIFE Magazine. I also owns an independent blog at www.yuthnea.wordpress.com. I built up my debate background in Thailand during Asian Youth Forum last two years. I was selected as Youth Delegate to join an environmental program in the Philippines. I like contributing my knowledge to people.