Basic Blog with Social Media

reaseySpeaker: Sann Arunreasey
Topic: Basic Blog with Social Media

For my perspective, blog is like a diary book on the internet. When people come to our blog they can see about story, and what we had been writing.

– What’s blog?
– How to create blog?
– How to promote it into social media?

About Speaker : My name is Sann Arunreasey. By subject, I am a linux network administrator. I graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science at Asia Euro University in 2011. My thesis was about Linux Network Administration. By passion: I am a web developer and programmer. Currently, I’m co-founder of Cambodia Life and I am leading Bamnang Web Development Team to support Khmer Enterprises. My dream: I still believe that I will make it one day. I believe in the power of sharing and knowledge. One day there will be a group of people who are committed building applications for the sake of social benefits.